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    Billy Bob the Cactus Blob was created by Phlibbit a few years ago. It was a TGF game; its odd sense of humor and blatant lack of work and showmanship shone brightly. Since then, the game has gathered a somewhat small cult following. This website is for you guys. Making these games is a great hobby of mine, and because of you, I still have one.

    Anyway, enough mushy junk. This website is meant to be a fun romp through the world of Billy Bob the Cactus Blob, where you can download the games, look at how they were made, post on the forum, bask in the glory of Passcove, find out about upcoming Billy Bob games, and get game help and troubleshooting. I hope you have a fun trip in the world of Billy Bob the Cactus Blob!

    If you have any site suggestions or questions, feel free to e-mail me at