Review: Billy Bob the Cactus Blob DX Directors Cut

By DarkMatterX (PreviousPlasma, whatever)


Billy Bob is a game, as many Billy Bob fans know, that Phlibbit made roughly 2 and a half years ago. It looked something like this:



After he'd released the first one, TLONMASTER took over and made Billy Bob Two that looked a bit like this:


In Billy Blkb two he faced many enemies. A few months after that I was pratting about playing something online and TLONMASTER IM'd me and informed me that I'd be like, Beta Testing the third one. You could imagine the look on my face.


A year or two later, no Billy Blob 3. However, thereís Billy Bob DX which is just as good, in fact, 'tis the best Billy Blob ever. But unlike the above screenshot, Billy looks more like this and itís sorta confusing.


Which is kinda confusing until you get used to it.



The best graphics in a Billy Blob Game EVER. Seriously. The Portals this time round arenít squares with circles in them.. theyíre SPINNING. AND THEY ARENíT SQUARES! OR RIGHT ANGLED TRIANGLES! HOORAY! Even though the old graphics had a style of sorts to them, you know, that style that makes it look LIKE itís a Billy Bob game, the really bad graphics and stuff, (pictures above) this one has enhanced graphics which makes it look really good!




Game play, the heart and soul of a game. This game has the best game play in a Billy Bob game.

It has this thing that drags you to it. Like on the museum level I couldnít get up the dang stairs. I quit and played metal slug for about 10 minutes. Then I quit it, because Billy Blob and his Magic Spell drew me back to the blasted game and told me to try to figure it out. Eventually though, Phlibbit (The Genius behind this game ) told me how to do it because Iím freaking stupid and I didnít realize that you had to go to the back of the stairs. L Basically, like a lot of good things, itís really addictive and can keep you playing until youíve tried everything!


SOUND 8/10


Like most of the Billy Bob series, the music is either taken out of a Nintendo game or itís originally made. Thereís some really good music like the bit at the start on the menu screen.




I think that the Go to Jail. Go Directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not Collect $200. That made me laugh out loud, especially when the particular scenario didnít have anything to do with jail (the one time that it did was at the start in cactus castle)

Also, I really liked the seizure caverns, although they didnít make as big a appearance as the jail thing.


OVERALL: 10/10


This is the best Billy Bob game ever, and Iím expecting a whole lot from Phlibbit in Billy Bob 3.

Itís just perfect. The humour is perfect, the graphics are perfect (a mix of stupid graphics and good graphics) and the game play is spectacular.


In closing-