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Billy Bob the Cactus Blob DX 2: Alliances

Released May 11, 2006

   After BBDX was released, I planned to start on Billy Bob 3. However, I thought to myself, "Hmm...I could be onto something here with this DX thing." So, I've decided to make DX games out of the remaining BB games, and finish up this "DX" series, which will then lead into Billy Bob 3. So, here we have Billy Bob DX 2, the next game in the DX Series.

The game features:

  • Context sensitive ability pads!

  • Two separate storylines!

  • Many different playable characters (Juliet, Gooplorg, and yes, Billy Bob)

  • The return/DX-ification of your favorite Billy Bob bosses, such as Jethro the Jester, Tanktor, and the Flaming Duck!

  • Intellectually stimulating puzzles!

  • Game *still* automatically saves by chapter!

  • Combines BB1.5 and BB2 into one game!

  • Decidedly better graphics/gameplay than BBDX!

  • Hidden bonus secrets!

  • Uhh...and MORE!