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This is the section where you, the rabid Billy Bob fan, can send in your original fan art, games, music, fan fiction, or pretty much anything to show your love and passion for Billy Bob the Cactus Blob. Email your contributions to


Fan Games

Super Cactus Bros. (by Bottles 98)

Download (5.78 MB)


Billy Bob 2X (by Action Soda)

Play Online (Vitalize) (??? MB)


Billy Bob 2.5 (by Kablamooie)

Download (.37 MB)


Kablamooie's Too Mah Toe (by Kablamooie)

Play Online (Vitalize) (.4 MB)


A Sequel to Billy Bob: A Fan Game

(by DarkmatterX)

Download (1.02 MB)


Billy Bob: A Fan Game (by DarkmatterX)

Download (.3 MB)


Fan Art


Billy Bob's 5th (bottles 98) *NEW*

Happy '06 (bottles98)


Billy Bob's 5th (quertybub3) *NEW*

Happy New Years' from quertybub3! (quertybub3)


Billy Bob Web Fan Logo (by Anguish Lagoon)

Fancy Bob (by Anguish Lagoon)


Billy Bob's Pet Cat (Mr. Fat) (by fighter 3049)


Billy Bob (by dwo)

Too Mah Toe (by dwo)


My Masterpiece: A Billy Bob Mural (by Stanjo)