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   This is Passcove, the ultra-secret section of Billy Bob Web. The only way to get in is by a SUPER SECRET password. How do you obtain this password, you ask? Well, it's on the Many Faces of Billy Bob CD, of course. There are other ways to receive it, however. Bugging TLONMASTER *might* work. Contributing to the site by e-mailing Phlibbit site suggestions, game/level suggestions, fan art, or doing something completely stupid or crazy to show your love for Billy Bob may work as well. Every time an Ask Hickman Mailbag is posted, the one who scribes the best letter will win their own password.

    The password is unique to you. If you get the password, and still want to access Passcove later (or have trouble remembering passwords), sign up for the Billy Bob Newsletter, which keeps you up to date on umm...updates. Anyway, so I bet you're wondering what exactly IS in Passcove. Well, here's what's in it:


  • Demos of future Billy Bob games
  • MIDIs from future Billy Bob games
  • Screenshots from future Billy Bob games
  • Periodical NEW Billy Bob mini-games
  • Screensavers
  • Wallpapers
  • Store discounts
  • Possible eligibility to be a beta tester for future Billy Bob games
  • A SPECIAL message from a Billy Bob Character on your Birthday *OMG!*

So there you go, people.