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    YAY! It's the STAFF PAGE! This is where you get to read about the happy members of the Billy Bob Web Staff. Their likes, dislikes, why they continue to make Billy Bob stuff, and... um, well, I guess I'll just let them (and me) tell you:



    That's me. You can call me Ryan Hoss. Or Phlibbit for short. I created Billy Bob the Cactus Blob, and it is good. (Or bad, depending on your perspective, of course.) Anyway, I suppose I'm an okay person. I like Billy Bob (dhurr), Batman, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, the Virtual Boy (so sue me), and the Super Mario Bros. Movie (please don't kill me). I like my woman, long walks down the beach, and other random attributes that a young strapping male such as myself possesses (get your mind out of the gutter).



Er, yo. My name is DarkMatterX, PreviousPlasma, or Peter Simmons (my real name), but don't call me that. Personally, I don't like people calling me Peter Simmons. Isn't that weird?
    I do some sprites for the Billy Bob games. Originally, I helped with the first one, then after Phlibbit made Billy Bob DX, I made two Fan Games (which I HOPE you have played, and liked), Billy Bob Fan Gaem and Billy Bob Fan Gaem 2. Currently, I'm helping with the latest installment, Billy Bob DX II. I'm also working on Billy Bob A Fan Game III, which isn't going very smoothly at all, but I'm working on it.
I like Games, writing English Lit, and taking walks in the park.


    Hullo, Iím Verdio and Iíve made some MIDIs for a few of the Billy Bob games. I created nearly all of the music you hear in Billy Bob #: Subtitle, as well as a few little pieces here and there across some of the other titles. I also started work on my own Billy Bob game - Batblobís Quest, which, who knows, might get completed someday!

    Iím not sure if youíre interested about my personal life but Iím currently 18, and I enjoy making films and music in my spare time as well as hanging out with mates, like most people.