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Updated May 11, 2007

Yay, another ridiculously long period of time between updates! Who would've thought?

Anyway, I actually do have something really special for the Billy Bob faithful. For the past like, year, I've been making Billy Bob Web Films' second movie, in sekret. Yes. I have. I've hinted at it, and if you purchased the Monkey Manah: a Mockumentary DVD, you'd even know the title and stuff (no one did). :P Anyway, the cactus blob is literally out of the bag. The movie is done, the DVD cover is done, everything is completely done.

But all I'm gonna give you today is the trailer, to build up non-existent hype! Yay! Look for the full movie in the coming weeks.



Hurray for You Tube! You can view Billy Bob Web's You Tube stuff here.

And since it's a new year, I archived the December update, and archived all of 2006 as well.

Oh! And on another totally random and unrelated note, Billy Bob Web's sister site, the Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive will start to have stuff on it in the coming weeks as well, so give that site a shot too, k?