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December 2006 Updates


Updated December 21, 2006

Wow! I haven't updated in like, six months! That's AWESOME!

So, exactly what have I been doing during those six months? College. Yaysoo, college.

However it IS to your advantage that my major is Digital Media, so I'm basically doing what I've always done: games, movies, website stuff, etc.

SO that gives me an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, and do some Billy Bob stuff in school!

The following two pieces of art are from my final project in a class. It's basically the first two actual pieces of pre-production on the elusive Billy Bob 3, which may end up being in full 3D. Check it out!

Billy Bob 3--World Map

Billy Bob 3--Cactus Kingdom Perspective Shot

So there's that.

I know, I know. You're asking, "What ELSE Billy Bob-related stuff are you doing!? You're not letting him just DIE and stuff, are you!?!!...!?!?"

Well, no. No I'm not. I've actually been secretly working on a new Billy Bob project for months now. You'll see the first glimpse of it early next year. What could it be!!? Hmm...

And to go end the year on a nice Christmassy-type note, I've composed a new piece for the Specials section. Not Billy Bob related, just a neat (and very true) Christmas event that happened to me a few years back. Enjoy! MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! AND STUFF! HURRAY! WOO 2007!

Oh, and I archived the July update. Man, my New Year's resolution should be to remember to post the archived updates before I'm done updating.