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July 2006 Updates


Updated July 23, 2006

Hey, look! Summer's almost over! I hope you've enjoyed Billy Bob DX II as much as I did making it. If you by some chance haven't downloaded it,

Download it here.

And on another hot cool spicy summer note, I've got yet another treat.

The Monkey Manah: a Mockumentary Special Edition DVD!

Yep, it's got the movie and special features, just like a REAL DVD! Yeah, awesome, I know.

Click here to BUY IT NOW!

Hmm...if enough people buy it, maybe I'll make a new Billy Bob Web Films movie. Hmm...just maybe... Hmm...maybe it's already in production... Hmm...

Hey, I even have some belated fan art from Billy Bob's 5th anniversary.

And I even archived the May Update.

I'm so cool!