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August 2005 Updates


Updated August 28, 2005

It seems to me that I stupidly forgot to change the update banner on this page for the last update. Sorry about that! It probably didn't even look like a new update, but it was. Heh.

Yeah, anyway...

Look at the shiny new Billy Bob Web banner! It's new! And shiny! I hope you like it. 

By the way, I'm updating at 12:28 AM. It's just about the only free time I seem to find. I'm stressed for free time, guys. Seriously. It's hard for me to find time to sleep at a time like this. Don't worry though; I vow to spend every gleaming free moment to work on BBDX2. I really wanna get that done.

And on a final note, I strongly urge you to join our new FORUMS! Please! Do it now! They're so much better than the old ones. Trust me. You'll have lots of fun, I promise!

And having said those words, Phlibbit fell asleep at his keybo;mnasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Updated July 5 (er, August 21), 2005

Whee! This year keeps flying by. I'm still working right along on BBDX2, and to prove that, you get 

BBDX2 Screenshot 5!

Hope you like that one. Keep in mind that in BBDX2 you get to do fun stuff like play alternating storylines between Billy Bob and Juliet! So yeah. My current goal is to release BBDX2 on Halloween. Sounds good to me.

There's a new change in the Forums: bottles98 made a Billy Bob Fan Game Forum, and it's better than the official forum, so we're gonna change it to the official forum, which will now be a combination of official and fan stuff, making the forum incorporate a wider view of the Billy Bob Universe, making your life as a Billy Bob fan much, much, easier, and bringing this ridiculously long run-on sentence to an end. Visit the new forum here.

Oh, and I think it's worth mentioning that I want to release Monkey Manah: a Mockumentary on a Special-Edition DVD soon, but I'm gonna finish BBDX2 first. But if there're any really good amateur DVD-cover art people that wanna help, gimme an email.

And that brings this update to a close.

PS: And I archived the July update.