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January 2005 Updates


Updated January 18, 2005

WHAT IN THE...OH NOS! Where'd 2004 GO!? It left! That's okay though, because we have this new and spiffy 2005 thing, and it may just be the best year ever!

Yeah, I'm sorry that I just totally skipped December, but I was planning a Billy Bob surprise that didn't turn out as planned, but you will get it in a different way...

Oh! I bet you're wondering how your old friend Billy Bob DX 2 is doing. Well, he's doing fine, and is growing at a constant rate, expanding day by day...

And that's why you FINALLY get another screenshot!

Billy Bob DX 2 Screenshot #4

How do you like that, huh? Pretty spiffy indeed, if I do say so myself. Oh, and I have now determined that THIS GAME KICKS BUTT!! IF U PLAY THIS YOU POOP OUT GOLD BECAUSE IT IS THAT GOOD. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY.

Hehe! I like that quote. It makes me all giddy inside.

Oh, all the 2004 updates are now archived in an easy-to-follow 2004 archive page.

And on my final note, you WILL be seeing a BBDX2 trailer in the near future, as soon as the parts in the game that I want in the trailer get done, and that isn't really that far away :P

And with that said, I hope to update sooner than a month from now, so keep checking right here on your FAVORITE WEBSITE EVER, Billy Bob Web.