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September 2005 Updates


Updated September 23, 2005

Wazzup, mah Billy Bob homeblobs? I have for you today just about the greatest update in a while.

First of all, my PC crashed! Yay! That means that every file I ever had, including BBDX2, has been deleted! Yay!

...In an alternate dimension, of course.

But my PC really did crash. Big time. I'm getting a new PC, however, which should be here next week. It's a brand new top o' teh line Dell XPS 600, it's loaded. Which is good for you, because it'll speed up BBDX2's production cycle immensely (I did manage to salvage BBDX2 before the PC blew up too, btw).

Anyway, on to the REALLY good news.

Want a chance to play BBDX2 early? The FULL version, and not the crappy in progress beta version, A WHOLE WEEK EARLY!?

Want a chance to be immortalized forever in a future Billy Bob game? Want YOUR idea written in the stone?

Well, my friend, you must enter the FIRST EVER BILLY BOB WEB HALLOWEEN CONTEST!

It's quite simple. All you need to do to entaer is very simple. You must make your very own costume of sorts! No, not any crappy costume, but a costume of excellence. A costume pertaining to the Billy Bob Universe. Anything goes-heck, you could be Billy Bob's mailbox or something. But I know you're more creative than that. Make a Billy Bob costume. Or Hickman. Or the Flaming Duck! Anything like that will work.

There will be 1st and 2nd places. 1st place gets BBDX2 a week early, and their idea placed into a future Billy Bob game (provided it's family-friendly, of course). 2nd place simply gets BBDX2 a week early.

So, what are you waiting for!? The contest starts NOW, and entries must be submitted to my email address by no later than Saturday, October 29. Winners (and other entries) will be glorified in a special feature on Halloween (October 31).

So, get out there! Make me proud! Please enter, so I don't cry!

Oh, and be sure to read the OFFICIAL RULES AND CRAP before entering. They're helpful.

Bye now!


 Updated September 5, 2005

Hello, all you out there in Internet Land! I've got some neat stuff to hold you over until the elusive BBDX2 comes out. Today, I'm uploading three, count em', THREE NEW Billy Bob fan games! Yayyyy!

The first game is Billy Bob 2.5, by Kablamooie. It's supposed to take place after Billy Bob 2, and there are a lot of funny parts in it.

The next game is Billy Bob 2X, by Action Soda. It too takes place after Billy Bob 2. It's a bit difficult, but still a blast to play. As of right now, you can only play it with Vitalize, but I should fix that shortly.

And last but definitely not least is the HILARIOUS Super Cactus Bros. by Bottles 98. It's the story of how Billy Bob meets his long lost brother, Willy Wob. A sequel is in the works!

I love seeing new fan games like this. Keeps me going :)

Oh, I got the Web Browser on my PSP to work! I went to Billy Bob Web on it, and it looks really spiffy!

I suppose that's it for a while.

OH! YES! Before I remember to make a postscript, I must tell you that I archived the August updateSSSSSSSSSS! Seeing as how there were two. That's plural, my friend. Plural.