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March 2005 Updates


Updated March 27, 2005

First of all, I wish all of my happy Billy Bob fans a happy Easter! 

Just for this SPECIAL occasion, I made Billy Bob Easter eggs! Click on the rubbish picture attathment/gift/happy Easter card thing!

And sadly, I will be absent for around two weeks for mah spring break, so don't expect any updates for a while. Don't worry though! I'm not dead. Yet. Or ever. Yay! Seeya soon! And happy easter!

PS: The updates will need to be archived when I get back! Oh nos! I'm really writing this just to remind myself to archive them next time I update so I don't have to include a postscript for when I usually forget to archive the updates. *gasp*


Updated March 13, 2005

Whoa! A NEW update! I bet you didn't see THAT one coming! Anyway, today we have a simply wonderful addition to our Fan Games section. Kablamooie has proven his devotion to Billy Bob by making his own fan game about everyone's favorite Too Mah Toe! Go to the Downloads section to check it out.

WARNING: Spring break is just around the corner...I will be on vacation for an entire week! What will you ever do without me!? Expect a new update sometime in April :) Be safe. Be happy. Straighten up and fly right, gentlemen.


Updated March 1, 2005

Hold on a many days did February have again? Two? Yeah, I thought so. Anyway, moving on into march. Billy Bob DX has been out for almost a year! Gah!? That seems like a long time.

Hopefully, you'll get a BBDX2 trailer in time for the anniversary :P

And in today's updates that are really actual updates and not me saying it's a new month and disappearing, you get neato new cool stuff, such as:

New Latin phrase of the year that doesn't have Hickman in it for a change!



Yes, it took a year to get enough responses, but the time has come at last! I hope you enjoy the first installment of Ask Hickman; if you like it, be SURE to send him an email with any question you'd like (as long as it's tasteful).

If you've forgotten, Hickman's email address is!

There ya go, guys. Stay tuned for more fun and happy times here on Billy Bob Web!

PS: Oh yeah, I archived the January update, if you were wondering.

PPS: Oh yeah, I put the regular Guestbook back up until I can get the new one working correctly, if you were wondering.

PPPS: Oh yeah, this update is finally over, if you were wondering. :D