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April 2005 Updates


Updated April 12, 2005

Heya, Billy Bob fans! I had a great spring break. And now I'm back. And guess what I remembered!?! TODAY IS TEH ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE RELEASE OF BILLY BOB THE CACTUS BLOB DX DIRECTOR'S CUT!

Having said that, I figured I should do something special for the occasion.

So that's just what I did. I archived the March updates, just for you.

Haha! Fooled you. I really did archive the updates, but your special surprise is none other than...

The full downloadable version of Billy Bob #: Subtitle!

Yup, it's no longer exclusive to the Many Faces of Billy Bob CD, but don't worry, it's still awesome. I figured it's about time you tightwads...err...thrifty fans out there to enjoy this Billy Bob milestone as well as us elite Passcove bunch. Anyway, have fun playing it, and hopefully, I'll have a neato BBDX2 update the next time around! Ciao!