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March 2004 Updates


Updated March 21, 2004 (3 PM Update)

I know, I know. You're wondering why this update AGAIN!? Well, be mad no more AGAIN, because the BILLY BOB DX DIRECTOR'S CUT TRAILER has been updated with cool music I just made! Yeah!


Updated March 21, 2004 (12:01 AM Update)

I know, I know. You're mad at me because I haven't updated in ages. Well, be mad no more, for you have the coolest treat EVAER: BILLY BOB DX DIRECTOR'S CUT TRAILER! Watch it, soil yourself with happiness, and await in anticipation.


Updated March 10, 2004

Today I give special treat. Special treat to the special people. That you. Anyone like Billy Bob 1? Huh!?! You DO!? Well, here's a surprise! Head over to the downloads section, and you'll discover a BRAND NEW version of Billy Bob 1, complete with new music, fixed glitches, and a few new secret surprises...


Updated March 1, 2004

Welcome to another happy month of updates from Billy Bob Web! Today's update involves the following:

Archived February updates! WOOHOO!

An extra special Latin phrase of the day, brought to you from none other than Hickman McGee himself!