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February 2004 Updates


Updated February 22, 2004

Today, there's a happy new update! If you're too lazy to download the games, or your computer is slow, the games are now up for you to play online! Just install the Vitalize plugin, and you're good to go!


Updated February 19, 2004 (Again)

Wow! Another small update today, which in turn creates a regular-sized update! The great Verdio now has his own special little spot on the glorious Staff Page.


Updated February 19, 2004

Small update today. BKPC is up for download on the Links page (go figure), and the downloads page was updated with new versions of Billy Bob 1, and a smaller download file (1.39 MB) of Billy Bob 2.


Updated February 16, 2004

Today, there is ANOTHER GREAT BIG BEHEMOTH EXTRA SPECIAL UPDATE! For your enjoyment, Passcove has finally showed up, for those of you that deserve to enter...


Updated February 12, 2004

There's a GREAT BIG BEHEMOTH EXTRA SPECIAL UPDATE today! The remainder of the 'Making Of' pages for all of the Billy Bob games have been completed, and are up for your enjoyment!


Updated February 9, 2004

Today, I bring you a new addition: an updated forums page! Now, you can visit the Billy Bob RPG, as well as a regular message board!


Updated February 8, 2004 (Again)

Yet ANOTHER update today! Two new sections have been added. There's the Contributions page, where you can view fan contributions, and the Links page, where you can visit sites that support Billy Bob the Cactus Blob. Also, the updates are more manageable. You can view the updates by month, clicking on the buttons on the left.


Updated February 8, 2004

Moving right along, today's update is none other than...*drumroll* The Making of Billy Bob 2 Page! Woohoo! Wahay! Huzzah!


Updated February 7, 2004

You'll be proud of me today! The Making of Billy Bob the Cactus Blob page is up! YES! OMG! Enjoy!


Updated February 6, 2004

Another big update today: the whole of the Billy Bob 1.5 page, sans the 'Making Of' page, of course.


Updated February 5, 2004

The remainder of the Billy Bob #: Subtitle game page was completed today, except for the oh-so special 'Making Of' page.


Updated February 2, 2004

Hooztblah! Another update! Coming at you today is the near-completion of the Billy Bob #: Subtitle game page.


Updated February 2, 2004

Today's update is simple, my friends. The remainder of the Billy Bob 0.5 page is complete! Sans the 'Making Of' page, of course.


Updated February 1, 2004

Oh yes! Moving into February, I bring you the craptacular Billy Bob 0.5 Screenshots page.