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January 2004 Updates


Updated January 30, 2004

YES! Even more updates! Today, the Synopsis and Characters page for Billy Bob the Cactus Blob 0.5 was completed.


Updated January 29, 2004

OH NOS! The roll was broken! That's okay though, because today I have for you a special treat of happiness: all of the Billy Bob games are now on the 'Downloads' page, except Billy Bob #: Subtitle, which will remain exclusive to the Many Faces of Billy Bob CD.


Updated January 27, 2004

Yet another update! Yep, I'm on a roll! The Billy Bob 2 Page was completed today, except for the 'Making Of' page.


Updated January 26, 2004

Another update today! The Billy Bob 1 page is complete, except for the 'Making Of' page, and the Billy Bob 2 page is half complete.


Updated January 25, 2004

Whoopie! Some MORE updates today: TLONMASTER's profile on the 'About' page, and the Games page was updated with the Billy Bob the Cactus Blob 1 section!


Updated January 24, 2004

Today, I added a page so you can sign up for the Billy Bob Web newsletter, and the oh-so mysterious PASSCOVE page. In addition, the 'About' page and 'Staff' page are up as well. In addition to this, there's the guestbook and the downloads page (more downloads coming soon).


Updated January 23, 2004

Wow, a lot of work was done today. I have all of the main game pages up, game reviews, online store, and there's a forum now. Also, there's the elusive ASK HICKMAN Mailbag section! Once Hickman gets enough emails, we'll post his answers.


Updated January 22, 2004

   Ah, yes. The humble beginnings of Billy Bob Web. Well, today the main page was constructed and stuff. I think it's coming along quite nicely! And be patient, because I've never built a full-blown web page or used HTML before.