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November 2004 Updates


Updated November 2, 2004

Wow. What ANOTHER month. :P Wait! First thing. I'm not forgetting October's archived updates. ... Oh yeah. There aren't any. Heh. But I DID archive September's updates! Yay for that!

Now, on to business!

Guess what? Things have been extremely productive for the past month, just like in September. Now, your hard waiting has paid off. Right now.


Okay, you have to read through the boring part of the update, because I worked on boring stuff, so you have to read what I did, because I am the webmaster! Okay.

If you noticed, the main page is looking a bit more tidy than before! Yeah. I also went to every single individual page of this website, and fixed any little errors I could find. I ALSO moved the menu navigation on the longer pages (updates, Making of pages, character pages) up to the top, for easier navigation. I like it.

Ooooooooooooooookay, here's the fun and exciting part now!

I promised the specials section. That time is now.

What special is on it?



Monkey Manah: a Mockumentary!


Yep! It's a 9 minute...oh forget it. Just go download it and enjoy!

...Oh, and if you like it, be sure to let me know.