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August 2004 Updates


Updated August 24, 2004

Why, hello there! Yes, it's yet ANOTHER update that isn't months apart!

...Well, it isn't THAT big of an update, but it's an update, nevertheless.

I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I forgot. And now, I remembered! There's a new staff profile of PreviousPlasma/DarkMatterX of Billy Bob Fan Game fame (say that five times fast) on the staff page. He's helping out on Billy Bob DX 2, so we can get this thing rolling along smoothly to its projected release date of late October.



Very hopefully.

And that's it.

UH!? You want MORE!? Another BBDX2 screenshot? But I already gave you TWO of them!?!

Nope, too bad. All you get today is a crappy updated Portle Fish sprite.



Updated August 22, 2004

Even though it's been two weeks between updates, I have two weeks worth of updates for you!


Billy Bob DX 2: Alliances is coming along very smoothly. We're a safe 20% into the game by now; probably a bit more. And because of that, I have a NEW screenshot for you! Behold:

The SECOND EVER BBDX2 Screenshot

At this rate, the game should be out in a few months, as planned.


We have a new slew of decidedly confusing (but fun)  fan art by Anguish Lagoon:

Billy Bob Web Fan Logo

Fancy Bob


And as a final note:

Very soon, randomly around the corner, Billy Bob Web will have two very talented guest-webmasters! The real Monkey Manah and Hickman McGee have asked my permission to access the site, so they can make their own preview and behind the scenes look at Billy Bob DX 2: Alliances. Look for it soon! I'm sure their immeasurable talents will undoubtedly shock you, as usual.

And that be it for the time that is.


Updated August 7, 2004

Yeah, I know it's just a bit too early for me to show you this, but after a month of crappy updates, I decided that you all out there deserved it. So, without further delay, gasp with delight at the FIRST EVER screenshot of

Billy Bob the Cactus Blob DX 2: Alliances!

Click Here to View

What do you think? Feel free to tell the world on our message boards.


Updated August 4, 2004

Yay, updates are back again! Ironically, more updates will start coming in because stuff is getting worked on, and that didn't happen until school started back. Darn. Well, not yet. My school starts back on August 9. Anyway. There are 3 actual updates today! YES!

First, there's a BRAND NEW fan art, by fighter3049! Click on the above link, or go to the Contributions section to view it!

Next, there are the archived crappy updates you suffered through last month!

And one small update regarding actual Billy Bob game status. I'm in the major planning stages of the next Billy Bob game you'll be seeing, and the full, official title is as follows:

Billy Bob the Cactus Blob DX 2: Alliances.

Yep! Like I said, it's in the major planning stages. After that's over, it's just a matter of time before the rest of the game falls into place. Expect a trailer here in, oh, a few months. You'll get some screens/music before that, probably.

And that's it! Keep checking back here for updates!