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April 2004 Updates


Updated April 25, 2004

And yet another wonderful update for everyone out there in Billy Bob land! Billy Bob DX has managed to win an AWARD! Yes, an AWARD! What AWARD, you ask, well, it's the Game of the Week AWARD on The Daily Click! I'm very happy that the game has won this AWARD. Thanks to everyone that voted on it. Click on the AWARD below to visit The Daily Click's article about the AWARD!


Updated April 13, 2004

Some more great updates for you today! The Billy Bob DX page has been updated, and moved to the 'released games' section. The Game Reviews page has also been updated, with a review of Billy Bob DX by DarkmatterX!


Updated April 12, 2004

Today is a glorious event. The BIGGEST event in Billy Bob HISTORY will take place TODAY. BILLY BOB THE CACTUS BLOB DX DIRECTOR'S CUT IS RELEASED! PLAY IT NOW!