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September 2004 Updates


Updated September 23, 2004

Wow. What a month. Although this month has been a very productive one, you fans out there have just been dying! I know! Sorry about that! Well, don't worry. Everything is teh fine.

Because you waited an entire month for this, you have earned the THIRD BBDX2 screenshot!

Click here to view

If you remember, I mentioned a while back that the REAL Monkey Manah and Hickman McGee will be guest-webmasters! They're still getting everything ready for this once-in-a-lifetime event! They both want to make sure that BBDX2 launches with the proper hype and over-promotion.

To do this, they've decided to make a documentary about their personal lives and experiences. They'll have this ready at the same time as their guest-webmastership thing occurs.

Well, guess that's all the stuff I needed to mention that was important. Look for more updates leading up to the release of BBDX2!

UPDATE (corrected 5 minutes later):

Gah. I did it again. Oh well. The updates from August are now archived! Gosh-a-roonie!